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  • Nick Myles

Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it

One of the many reasons we use theatre in our diversity and inclusion and unconscious bias training is because it enables the kind of conversations that drive real change.

Although crucial, conversations about diversity, equality and inclusion at work can often be emotive and sometimes difficult. Theatre holds up a mirror to what is really going on, to the things that perhaps go unnoticed but need to change. Furthermore, it gives people a voice in a way that is less confrontational to support constructive conversation and action.

Using drama and other creative ways of having important conversations encourages people to engage on multiple different plains - watching and directing actors perform live theatre challenges people to listen more attentively, actively problem solve and experiment with 'what if'. For tips about how you can implement drama with your team at work read our previous blog post 'Are you role-playing right?' here.

An Augusto Boal quote about theatre helping to build our future
Augusto Boal, Brazilian theatre practitioner who created the idea of forum theatre

Theatre provides a brilliant platform for open, honest conversations that help us build the future, rather than just waiting for it.

For more information on our theatre-based approach to Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias, visit

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