Our Courses 

"A powerful, engaging session which enabled my team to overcome specific personal challenges using role-play. The team left feeling empowered to embrace important conversations in the workplace and equipped with the necessary skills to do so.”

José Namén, Global Head at Thermomix, Vorwerk

Diversity and Inclusion

For such an important subject, this can often be a tick-box exercise. Our interactive session focuses on changing mindsets and behaviours to practice real inclusion and champion diversity. You’ll witness real experiences brought to life to understand legislation, to question behaviours and to start ongoing conversations. Theatre enables you to step into the shoes of those from marginalised groups to understand their experience. This workshop also seeks to empower participants to speak up against inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour.


Unconscious Bias

Everyone has biases, it’s part of being human. We can’t change the way our brain works but we can examine our behaviour in order to mitigate these biases. This drama-based workshop helps people to see and understand everyday examples of unconscious bias and the impact of unexamined behaviour. You’ll have the opportunity to challenge unconsciously held assumptions, look to see the world through a less privileged lens and take action to mitigate biases. 

(Fear not, no roleplay required.)

If you'd like to chat more about a training programme for your team, give us a call on 01865 437580 or email info@differentduck.co.uk
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