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Diversity and Inclusion

For such an important subject, this can often be a tick-box exercise. Our interactive workshops focus on changing mindsets by looking at situations from different perspectives. Theatre enables us to step into the shoes of those from marginalised groups to understand their experience. 


Our team perform real experiences brought to life

to illustrate the importance of diversity and inclusion. These live-case studies will start conversations to help identify solutions that can be applied to your workplace. 


The workshop brings to life your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, helping everyone understand the role they play in changing company culture.

Unconscious Bias

Everyone has biases, it’s part of being human. We can’t change the way our brain works but we can examine our behaviour in order to mitigate these biases. 


Our team bring to life everyday examples of unconscious bias and see the impact of these biases. These live case studies form the basis for facilitated discussion, helping participants to examine their own biases and the biases of those around them. We then explore possible actions that can be taken to mitigate these biases. 


The workshop provides the opportunity to challenge unconsciously held assumptions and look to see the world through a less privileged lens, stretching comfort zones in order to create positive change.

We also design bespoke sessions and one-off events.

Get in touch to discuss how Different Duck could bring your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to life.

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