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Working as a Resilient Team

This session is designed for an existing team that want to re-examine what makes them strong

and explore potential weaknesses.

Small issues and grievances can often form cracks in a team’s resilience and over time develop into counter productivity. If communication and collaboration within a team breaks down it can begin to effect the way the group deals with anything from everyday challenges to unexpected and impromptu situations.

By the end of the session delegates can expect to have:


1 - Examined the importance of communication in teamwork and how this relates to their current team 


2 - Learned how to express strong feelings and opinions in a collaborative environment


3 - Learned when a collaborative problem solving strategy may be most effective


4 - Taken on exercises in a supportive environment designed to challenge their team dynamics


5 - Reflected on the process and how they can develop team building these skills further.



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