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  • Nick Myles

What conversations do your team need to have?

What are the important conversations you should be having? Conversations the people in your team would like to have. Or need to have. create a more inclusive working environment

…to improve their wellbeing.

…to be a better ally.

…to promote diversity.

…to make themselves heard.

And if you are having these conversations, do people feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly?

Creating an environment where people can bring their authentic selves, and speak about the things that matter to them, is crucial in building an inclusive workplace. An environment in which people feel heard and that champions diversity.

Using drama is a brilliant way to start a conversation. We create bespoke pieces of theatre to reflect your culture, so it's relatable. People connect with characters, they see another side to someone’s experience and it helps them to think differently. We facilitate discussion on the character's behaviour. Participants share their experiences and discuss ideas on how to implement change.

Our drama-based workshops facilitate the kind of conversation that drives real change. To find out more about a bespoke programme, get in touch

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