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Let's cultivate communication skills that enhance:


We help organisations improve culture through communication so employees innovate, build together and thrive.

We do this in a few different ways...


Allow employees to test out communication skills, authentically connect to their work and achieve their potential. The secret sauce? Experiential facilitation backed up by drama-based learning.


Help teams identify ways to communicate, connect and understand each other. Create higher performing, happier and more innovative teams that are future-proofed against an unpredictable and ever-changing business landscape.


Communication Platforms  

Platforms for leaders to communicate culture enabling them to easily align the core mission and values of their organisation with the behaviours and habits of their people. The result? Highly impactful and engaging events that showcase the dedication leaders have to building a culture that is connected to employee wellbeing, inclusion and belonging. 

Navigating culture and communication doesn't have to be a minefield. Different Duck provides the expertise and solutions you need to transform obstacles into opportunities for growth. 

Different Duck worked with us over a 2-month period to develop our resilience, effectiveness and well-being whilst keeping a focus on our goals as a team. The coaching sessions were very inclusive and engaging. After these sessions, as a team, we have noticed ourselves working more collaboratively and efficiently, and communicating better, particularly during our busiest periods of the month where we have to meet tight deadlines.

Professional, dynamic, and thoroughly supportive throughout. Different Duck introduced a fresh and engaging training experience to my team. Would highly recommend  

Edward John, Director of Operational Finance

Different Duck ran a great session using immersive theatre to demonstrate diversity and inclusion issues and then facilitated discussion and feedback based on this experiential approach. Different Duck were able to run the event in an entertaining and thought-provoking way which stimulated lively conversation and engagement.

A Dramatically Different Approach

We provide facilitation and coaching backed up by years of experience in bespoke drama-based learning. This provides a platform for:

  • Leaders to openly and authentically discuss key issues affecting their organisation and inspire the culture change their people need


  • Communicators to learn through real-time experience and gain valuable insights into their performance and development


  • Employees to feel heard, involved and active as part of a workplace that is inclusive, supportive and motivating


  • Organisation-wide interventions that bring about a renewal of confidence in communication, creating a ripple effect of change throughout your company’s eco-system


At Different Duck, we empower individuals, leaders, and teams to navigate the intangible, embrace the unknown and be dramatically different.

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Our Partners and Clients


Clients and Partners

What’s Keeping Your People From Being the Best They Could Be?

Recognising the link between communication and culture empowers organisations to foster belonging, ignite innovation and drive collaboration ... So, what may be preventing your organization from achieving this?

Maximizing Mistakes:

Learning interpersonal and communication skills through trial and error is natural. However, when this learning process is on display in front of clients or peers, the repercussions can be disastrous—potentially harming your reputation, reward, and bottom line.

Ineffectual Training:

Traditional training solutions fall short, lacking inspiration and practical learning opportunities. They often devolve into mere checkbox exercises rather than fostering sustained change.

Undefined Alignment:

Communicating a desired culture poses challenges. Employees often struggle to align their behaviour with expectations and values. Leaders need a simple yet highly effective means to communicate transformative culture across their organisation.

Handling Sensitivity:

Communication at work is inherently complex. Mishandling sensitive topics can exacerbate issues without expert guidance, leading to undermined confidence and invisible barriers at every turn.

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