• Nick Myles

Three reasons why you should come to our open evening (21st Feb, 4-8pm)

1. Professional development...

Our approach allows participants to test out new skills in a fun, engaging and safe environment. We think learning is most effective when people experience skills instead of just hearing about them, so we thought we'd apply the same theory to our open evening. We don't want to just tell you why Different Duck's approach to communication skills and customer service is so effective, we want you to experience it for yourself.

2. Meet the team...

If you've received an email from us about our open evening, quite frankly it's because we'd love to work with you. But we're also aware that the dynamics of a good relationship often rely on good chemistry. The working relationships we build up with our clients are no different.

So come along, experience what we do and have a chat with our friendly team. Hopefully we'll hit it off, have a glass of wine and see how we can work together in the future. If not ... well at least there's always the wine.

3. Because we've written a poem ...

An open evening within easy reach!

Experience us practicing what we preach.

A relaxed affair and when it's done,

you'll have learn't something and had some fun.

Diorama Studios, Regents Place,

and here's the postcode just in case:


and best of all, it's completely free.

Different Duck is a drama based training company specialising in unique customer interactions and engaging with consumers on a human-to-human level. We implement lasting change and instantly applicable ideas. It is run by drama makers who act, direct, write and produce work professionally –and creativity is the key to everything we do.

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