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Leading a Team

This practical, hands on session is designed for managers preparing to take on more responsibilities.

Managers need a solid foundation of leadership qualities to be able to proficiently handle the pressures of responsibility and decision making. Continued development of these skills is crucial to maintain resilience and efficiency when leading a team.


By the end of the session delegates can expect to have:


 1 -Become more aware of, and developed, their leadership skills, specifically;



2 -Learned how to express strong feelings and opinions in a collaborative environment 


3 -Built on their confidence when decision making by identifying their strengths and weaknesses 


4 -Put these skills into practice by leading the team in a role play scenario. 


5 -Reflected on this process and how it relates to everyday workplace interactions


oPersonal power and presence

oConfidence in problem solving and taking the initiative

oCreating a culture of responsibility

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