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Inspiring Resilience 

Having the resilience to recognise opportunity and change other people’s perspective when faced with adversity is crucial for continued development and can often lead to creative or unlikely success. This influencing skills workshops is designed to help delegates motivate change when faced with challenging, stale or otherwise negative circumstances. 


The course will take a detailed look at key interpersonal & communication skills, confidence outlooks and personality types to provide delegates with practical working knowledge of how this may apply in the workplace. Delegates will also develop and take home an 'action plan' to put behaviour changes with their team into effect after the course. 


This practical course gives delegates the opportunity to experience and develop confidence and resilience with key skills in a safe learning environment.


Benefits for the delegate:

  • Develop key leadership skills to become a more resilient individual when faced with adverse challenges 

  • Understand how adversity affects others and how individual resilience and positivity can rub off on colleagues 

  • Develop an action plan for moving forward with your team

Benefits for the organisation:  
  • Increase the effectiveness of team leaders, supervisors and managers with regards to influencing, inspiring and resilience.

  • Promote wellbeing and invest in collaboration skills for key individuals

  • Maximise the use of resources

By the end of the session delegates

can expect to have:

  • Explored how to make an impact when a group is faced with challenge or adversity

  • Developed an understanding of how to create the right expectations when striving for success

  • Explored status and personality types and how to inspire different people to take a positive, resilient attitude towards the challenge at hand

  • Developed an understanding of other people’s perspectives: how to draw from personal resilience to inspire others

  • Developed an action plan to take forward into future challenges

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