Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is fine art. How do you ensure your staff perform with quality and consistency? How do you ensure all staff from the ground up deliver customer service to reflect your brand identity? How do you ensure your staff are able to react spontaneously and appropriately when opportunities for a 'magic moment' arise? 


In today's online-heavy retail environment an intelligent company knows that customer service is essential to sales, customer satisfaction and reputation. Mystery shopping and feedback analysis will tell you that now more than ever, consumers on the shop floor must experience exceptional service through all aspects of their customer journey.


This one day training course is aimed at team leaders, managers and supervisors to equip them with the skills and strategy need to inspire their team for customer service excellence. The course will take a detailed look at key communication skills, confidence outlooks and personality types and provide delegates with practical working knowledge of how this may apply to their team. Delegates will also develop and take home an 'action plan' to put behaviour changes with their team into effect after the course. 


Benefits for the delegate:  

  • Develop key leadership skills to become a more effective manager/supervisor/team leader.  

  • Understand customer journey and improve customer service performance.

  • Develop an action plan for moving forward with your team


Benefits for the organisation:  
  • Increase the effectiveness of team leaders, supervisors and managers with regards to influencing and inspiring. 

  • Continued improvement and understanding of customer service/journey throughout entire team. 

  • Maximise the use of resources.

By the end of the session delegates

can expect to have:


  • Established and observed different personality types and identified key language, reaction and behaviour indicators.  Reflected on how these personality types may fit into their team.

  • Developed an understanding of how to feedback to different personality types and demonstrated this through interactions with actor-facilitators. 

  • Experienced communicating successfully by adapting behaviours, body language and conversation in order to achieve ideal outcomes with different personality types.  

  • Created a working 'action plan' in order to immediately apply skills post-course 

  • Worked in a practical and immersive training environment in order to experience what success looks like and how it can be achieved. Delegates will also have the opportunity to apply their learning to their own specific circumstances and team dynamic




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