Handling Difficult Conversations

 "A powerful, engaging session which enabled my team to overcome specific personal challenges using role-play. The team left feeling empowered to embrace important conversations in the workplace and equipped with the necessary skills to do so."

 José Namén, Global Head of the Thermomix Recipe Business, Vorwerk


In any workplace setting it is essential for individuals to have the skills and experience necessary to tackle difficult conversations head on in order to overcome and excel. Difficult conversations can challenge us in many aspects of our work, whether it is giving someone difficult news, addressing an uncomfortable subject or explaining the impact of behaviours that someone might not even be aware of. Having difficult conversations is a challenge for people at all levels; our workshops use experiential learning that allows delegates to acquire key skills, see those skills in action and experience success in a practical yet safe training environment.

This course, uses actor-facilitators to work creatively with participants to enable them to identify different behaviours and personality types and to recognise these in the their own workplace. The course will give participants the skills to overcome challenging situations with confidence, treat their colleagues with respect and manage emotions effectively. 

This course will be valuable for anyone wishing to develop their tool kit for dealing with difficult conversations. Whether delegates are new to a position and need to acquire the key skills to handle difficult conversations, or are in an experienced managerial role needing a better understanding of why people behave the way they do in challenging situations, this course will help individuals develop the experience, skills and confidence required to deal with all types of difficult conversations.

Benefits for the delegate:  

  • Develop skills to become a more effective, confident and aware during difficult conversations  

  • Improved confidence and effectiveness when handling challenges

  • Steer the progress of your team through decision making

Benefits for the organisation:  
  • Increase the effectiveness of team leaders, supervisors and managers with regards to influencing, decision making and confidence in challenging situations

  • Improve communication throughout organisation

  • Improve self esteem, confidence and effectiveness in influencers and other valued staff

By the end of the session delegates

can expect to have:

  • Observed conversations that are commonly perceived as difficult and identified the language, reactions and behaviours that make them so challenging

  • Identified the ideal outcomes of a difficult conversation and the way in which to achieve this in real-world instances

  • Changed their approach to difficult conversations by examining how mindset, body language and behaviour can be adapted to suit a challenging interaction 

  • Applied knowledge and key skills in a practical and immersive training environment in order to experience what success looks like and how it can be achieved. Delegates will also have the opportunity to apply their learning to their own specific circumstances and any upcoming difficult conversations

  • Developed techniques and approaches to create a plan in order to approach a difficult conversation effectively, professionally and appropriately


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