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Charisma in Customer Service

This programme is ideal for teams that want to explore what makes their style of service unique through interactive, experiential development.


Customer Service training is vital to all customer facing roles. Your team need to be able to help customers feel at ease yet also wow them with that unexpected attention to detail. Not only do excellent customer interactions make your clients feel as valued as they should do, they also empower your employees with a sense of satisfaction and excellence.


We use a combination of forum theatre, role-play and facilitated discussion. This  gives your team the chance to put into practice the theory they are learning with our experienced actors. It also enables them to successfully overcome challenges or contribute towards a positive outcome whilst in a safe, risk - free environment.


By the end of the session delegates can expect to have:


1 - Examined the role of specific vital qualities when interacting with customers


2 - Examined their strengths and weaknesses and developed their own individual charismatic approach to customer interactions 


3 - Explored the unique qualities of their company’s brand and how they can develop to reflect this particular approach to customer service 


4 - Put specific skills to the test in an interactive, experiential development process based on specific drama-based techniques


5 -  Had the opportunity to experience the company’s service or product from the perspective of the customer and gained an insight into what may be important to an outstanding customer experience


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