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Solution: The above also describes the rehearsal process of almost every play in history. It's a place we've definitely been before and have become experts in navigating. Because of this, our approach is refreshing, left of field and exciting every time. Our clients benefit from both lasting change and instantly applicable strategies.

Problem: Learning can be arduous.  Developing a team can also be challenging. Yet companies strive to stand out, excel and be different. 

Problem: Companies regularly use corporate training to develop skills and optimise performance. However it's hard to constantly find new, exciting initiatives.

Solution: We are unlike any other training company. We don't have a set list of workshops - each one is bespoke.

With our background in theatre and performance past workshops have involved everything from mastering confidence in front of an audience to learning transferable skills from stage combat!

Solution: It's true - creative based training isn't for everyone. However at Different Duck our approach isn't necessarily to rush head-first into a workshop with loud, bombastic drama games.

We work hard to collaborate with each of our clients and listen carefully to how best we can meet a company's needs.

Our passion is working with people, and the beautiful thing about creativity is that it is different and specific to each and every person.

Problem: Sometimes drama based training doesn't seem like it would quite fit the needs of a company.

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