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Proud to be Different

We work with teams, groups and organisations to develop how people collaborate, communicate and relate in an increasingly interconnected world. The way we do this is a little bit different …

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Development with Difference

Different Duck develops teams, individuals and organisational systems to help them adapt to change and deliver high performance.

Bespoke Development
Coaching & Facilitation

There has never been a more challenging time for business success. The business landscape and the way we work is rapidly changing. Leaders, teams and individuals are burnt out. It’s difficult to understand how to overcome challenges, navigate conflict or simply decide which direction to travel. Meanwhile, the expectations, requirements and needs of stakeholders and clients have never been higher. 


In order to cope with these demands, your people need the opportunity to have courageous, impactful conversations. They need the space to slow down, share, listen and learn with confidence. They need a learning environment that is supportive, engaging and meaningful.


Different Duck is responding to these needs through providing development with difference. Bespoke workshops, team coaching and organisation-wide development events that inspire meaningful change.

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