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Valuing Equality and Diversity

"Excellent course and trainers, very interactive. The best equality training I've had"

Course delegate, Royal Borough of Greenwich



This highly interactive equality and diversity workshop aims to create an inclusive environment for your employees, one in which diversity is truly valued. This course isn’t about ticking boxes, it’s about changing mindsets and behaviours to practice real inclusion and champion diversity.


To bring about change in your workforce, simply providing your staff with good practice equality guidelines isn’t enough. Instead, start by changing their perspective, enabling them to observe the impact of certain behaviours and experience the benefits of an inclusive work culture.


Your delegates will work with professional actor-facilitators to bring the most up to date equality legislation and theory to life. Delegates should expect an emphasis on interaction using highly relatable scenes and characters written to reflect your work culture. Using active discussion your delegates will develop a deep understanding of different types of discrimination and an awareness of potential unconscious biases. Crucially they will take away an extensive 'tool kit' of key skills to be able to challenge these behaviours and focus on the benefits of an equal and diverse workplace environment.


Delegates should expect a session that is fun, engaging and thought provoking; with relevant ‘takeaways to apply to their everyday work practice.

Benefits for the delegate:  

  • Understand the most recent Equality and Diversity legislation, why it is important and how they can benefit as an individual from a more diverse work environment

  • Have the opportunity to have frank and open discussions about sensitive subjects

  • Learn what is expected of someone working for your organisation regardless of status, position or background  


Benefits for the organisation:  

  • Develop a truly inclusive workforce, not just on a surface level but with a deep understanding of the benefits of diversity

  • Establish a platform for open and honest discussion between employees, resulting in transparency, improved relationships and more decisive communication

  • Invest in a workforce that feel empowered to encourage diversity and challenge discriminatory behaviour

By the end of the session delegates

can expect to have:


  • Developed an understanding of the most up to date government legislation alongside other company policies. Furthermore, understand how to meet these expectations in their specific work environment

  • Worked with live case studies (using Forum theatre) designed to act as a mirror to work culture, enabling individuals to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement

  • Identified language, behaviours and actions, in themselves and others, that may be associated with unconscious bias

  • Gained an understanding of the different types of discrimination and observed the impact of these behaviours in the workplace

  • Identified and experienced how to confidently challenge discriminatory behaviour

  • Taken part in facilitated group discussion with colleagues to share experience and insight

  • Established positive, proactive actions to implement in their team

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