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Bespoke Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

For such an important subject, diversity and inclusion training can often be a tick-box exercise. Our interactive workshops focus on changing mindsets by looking at situations from different perspectives. Theatre enables learners to step into the shoes of those from marginalised groups to understand their experience.

What are the benefits of diversity and inclusion training?

There are many benefits to raising awareness of diversity and inclusion within your workplace through training. 


  • Understanding the benefits of a diverse workforce will lead to more innovative ways of working 

  • Tapping into a wider pool of world experiences and diversity of thought leads to new, more creative ways of thinking

  • Having a workforce that reflects your customers helps your organisation to truly understand your customers

  • Understanding the benefits of a more inclusive place to work increases wellbeing: by creating an environment in which people can thrive and be their most authentic selves

  • Your organisation becomes a more appealing place to work, leading to better retention rates and a wider pool of talent to recruit from

  • A culture of inclusion, encourages a more understanding and empathetic workforce

Our bespoke diversity and inclusion training is designed in line with the unique challenges your organisation faces. Our live case studies are relatable and truly reflect your company culture. Our drama based approach allows learners to engage with thought provoking live theatre scenes in an environment that makes learning memorable, thought provoking and highly engaging.

Statistic on “How Diversity Wins” from this report
A drama based approach to
diversity and inclusion training

From the beginning, our process is based around collaborating with our clients to understand their required learning outcomes, diversity and inclusion strategy and company culture. 


Our team writes and researches real experiences which are then brought to life through live performance to illustrate the importance of diversity and inclusion. These live case studies are carefully created to start highly relevant conversations and help identify solutions that can be applied to your workplace.

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