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What would it
look like to inspire change?

How we relate, communicate and collaborate can’t be learnt on paper or in front of a presentation. Inspiring these skills takes creativity, interaction and curiosity.

Ever since Different Duck began we’ve been combining our years of experience to help our clients wage war on mediocrity, stasis and feeling stuck.


What makes us Different?

Our mission is to create inspirational, life changing, career defining shifts in the way people relate to one another at work. This means having the courage to step into the unknown, the power to connect to what really matters and the curiosity to unlock full potential. 

We use drama to create unforgettable learning opportunities, an interactive experiential approach to unlock potential and creative curiosity to explore the specific challenges each of our clients face.

We are...


Diverse in our approach and who we work with. Our associate actor-facilitators and coaches bring a diversity of background and experience meaning that our bespoke approach is tailored exactly for each of our client's specific needs.


We know through experience that meaningful change and development is a journey with many different paths. We don’t always pick the solution which is the easiest, we develop the solution that is right for the leaders, groups and teams that we work with.


The journey we take with our clients is informed by multiple disciplines, backgrounds and experiences. We celebrate ways of thinking differently, acting differently and being different.


We are deeply curious about each of our client’s stories, needs and vision. Ours is a ‘hands on’ approach to development and, although we don’t always know where a shared curiosity will take us, we’re deeply committed to taking a meaningful journey with each of our clients.

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