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 Something a Bit Different 

"Professional, dynamic, and thoroughly supportive throughout...Different Duck introduced a fresh and engaging training experience to my team. Would highly recommend" Emily Jones, HFMA


At Different Duck we create bespoke workshops to explore how your team can adapt to challenging customer service situations. 

We develop their individual talents to meet the demands of an ever changing service environment and explore how they can deliver exceptional consumer interactions.

We're all about creativitycollaboration, and participation - this combo is the key

to everything we do.




Why is it so easy to remember the lyrics to your favourite song?Stimulating, challenging and entertaining people is a great way to help them engage.  We use creativity as a springboard to support the development of a range of skills to tackle service related challenges. In turn, this creativity has a strong effect on the way your workforce engage with consumers.  It's fun too!


Effective collaboration is the key to the success of any team, but every team is different. We take time to learn about your team and then work with you to design an entirely bespoke programme 

based on the needs of the group. In order for your staff to excel in consumer interactions, each individual's unique strengths must be at the heart of their approach.



Practice by doing has a 75% retention rate, in other words people learn best when they are actively involved in experiential learning. By actively doing instead of just observing, participants begin to relate to their learning. They feel differently not just think differently. It's this kind of training that leads to exceptional customer service.


Often, individuals who work in service environments are naturally outgoing, responsive and engaging - their service training should reflect this. Ever since Different Duck began we’ve been combining our years of experience to wage war on mediocrity in classroom style training and development!
As actors, we understand how to make an impact. Telling people what to say and how to act creates a very temporary and false solution, that’s why collaboration is central to the way we work.
We love a challenge and we would love to help you and your team tackle some tricky issues, generate new ideas and bring about lasting change.
We work with you flexibly to tailor sessions that fit in with your requirements. Our workshops take place over an intensive few hours, a full day, or a series of sessions over a few weeks.
If you'd like to chat more about a training programme for your team, give us a call on 01865 437580 or email


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