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Conflict Management

Is conflict a bad thing? Not necessarily. In order to strive for meaningful success the interests, needs, goals or values of involved parties can often be at odds. However, if handled in the right way a conflict often presents opportunities for real improvement.  
Often, a conflict is a result of perception. This conflict management course will help delegates to handle and learn from conflict. By understanding the skills, communication channels and actions that are required to successfully manage a conflict, delegates will learn to take control and overcome workplace challenges. 
This course has an emphasis on practical strategies and can be adapted for staff who face conflict externally (customer facing) and internally (within
organisation). Throughout the session delegates will observe, develop and practice key skills to build confidence and defuse challenging situations.

Benefits for the delegate:  

  • Develop an understanding of what conflict is and how to communicate appropriately in challenging situations   

  • Learn and apply key skills to improve confidence and ability to handle conflict 

  • Recognise behaviour in others that may lead to escalation of conflict 


Benefits for the organisation:  
  • Improve team dynamics and proficiency for success in teams

  • Long term solutions to reoccurring issues with challenging individuals

  • Improved success in internal and external communications

By the end of the session delegates

can expect to have:


  •  Understood the purpose of conflict; how it can be resolved successfully

  • Observed  the different stages of conflict escalation and be able to read signs in language, reactions and behaviours 

  • Changed their approach to conflict management by examining how mind-set, behaviour and perception can be adapted appropriately

  • Applied knowledge and demonstrated key skills in a practical and immersive training environment in order to experience what successful conflict management looks like and how it can be achieved. Delegates will also have the opportunity to apply their learning to their own specific circumstances  and context


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