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Complaint Handling

Receiving a complaint from a customer or client may be inevitable, it can lead to a loss of business, staff morale and company reputation. However, the way in which your staff deal with this challenge is what can make the difference between a negative customer experience and a positive outcome for all involved.


In this one day session, using actor-facilitators to examine live case studies we determine; what a complaint is, why people complain and identify ways to successfully resolve complaints. Participants will gain an understanding of how they are communicating with customers and give them the tools to be able to adapt to different customers with confidence. They will then have the opportunity to interact with our actor-facilitators to experience the process of effective complaint handling to put key skills into practice.  


This course is aimed at customer facing managers, team leaders and staff who are required to interact with customers or clients in person, on the phone or online.


By the end of the session delegates

can expect to have:

  • Developed an understanding of why people complain, why it is important to resolve these grievances and what levels of expectation might exist

  • Developed skills in order to identify different types of complainers and a plan of action to deliver successful results accordingly

  • Applied key skills and experienced methods to adapt behaviour to suit different customers or clients 

  • Observed, reflected and experienced appropriate body language, behaviour and communication approaches in line with individual personalities

  • Worked in a safe learning environment with actor facilitators. Used reactive situations to apply key skills and behaviours to achieve an ideal outcome.


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