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Confidence in Impromptu Situations

This session is designed for groups and individuals wishing to gain confidence and develop practical skills to deal with impromptu situations. 

Inevitably we all find ourselves dealing with impromptu situations in day to day life. However at work, being placed in a position of responsibility without due time to prepare can be intimidating. Simple organisational and communication skills can be enhanced to provide individuals with the resources to draw upon in these unexpected situations.


By the end of the session delegates can expect to have:


 1 - Received practical tips and developed a “toolkit” of skills to utilise in impromptu situations.


2 - Identified how this toolkit can be applied to different impromptu situations they have encountered (i.e.; running a meeting, presenting, speaking)


3 - Developed an insight into how key communication skills, body language and eye contact can aid dealing with difficult situations.


4 - Applied these practical skills in an interactive and supportive environment


5 - Reflected on the process and how they can continue to develop these skills further.


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