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 Candid Customer 

"I am really pleased with how the day went and the feedback I have received so far has all been very positive." Kass Hawkley, Learning & Development Adviser 

Measuring customer service success is often a difficult thing to represent. However, meaningful data is absolutely essential to track the worthwhile development and progress of your staff. At Different Duck, while we have an emphasis on creativity, we certainly don't have our heads in the clouds. When it comes to implementing meaningful change ... sometimes only cold hard facts will do!


Candid Customer is a creative customer service analysis tool; a unique way of means of behavioural service measurement.  It allows you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in your approach to customer service and obtain valuable quantifiable data. 

This approach can then be used to create purpose built training workshops based on particular areas of development that have been flagged up on a Candid Customer visit. Alternatively it can also be used as a means of putting skills into practice in real-world situations.

How does it work?

Our Different Duck actor-facilitators go into your workplace with specific objectives and intentions. They engage with staff as an authentic customer in line with this agenda. During these interactions, we collect specific data which, in turn, is converted into a quantifiable assessment of your current level of customer service. This enables us to identify opportunities for customer engagement and recommendations for further training based on our findings in-store.

For example...

You may wish to get an immediate picture of how a particular aspect of your customer service is currently operating.

You may want to assess your store's customer service excellence to reward your staff's strengths, identify any weaknesses and consequently develop specific skills.  

You may want quantitive data on how appropriate, accessible or engaging your stores are for a particular demographic or customer.

Step 1

Different Duck work with you.

We work closely with all our clients to define exactly what you want to find out about your customer service. For example, perhaps you want to observe how your staff deal with certain challenges that a particular customer demographic can bring. Perhaps you want to discover how and when those 'magic moments' between staff and customer happen. Perhaps you want to know specific areas that will help you develop your customer service from good to exceptional.  

Step 2

Different Duck gets to work. 

We work with our actors and actor-facilitators to implement creative ways to interact with your staff and bring you answers to your questions. Our actors can take on the character of a specific customer demographic and enter your chosen store/s to engage with your staff in line with your specific brief. This not only helps you to discover valuable insights about your customer service from a different perspective but is a fantastic foundation on which to build meaningful customer service training.

Step 3

The Results​.

Accurate, truthful results

An action plan (we don't just point out the problems, we identify how to address them)

A confidential analysis of your customer journey and customer service (data will not be shared)

A full statistical report of hard to reach, invaluable data



We work with you flexibly to tailor sessions that fit in with your requirements. Our workshops take place over an intensive few hours, a full day, or a series of sessions over a few weeks.


If you'd like to chat more about a training programme for your team, give us a call on 01865 437580 or email

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