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Cultivating a company culture that inspires diversity and inclusion isn’t always easy. Different Duck can

help your people to have the conversations that lead

to positive change.

We use interactive forms of theatre designed to help spectators explore different perspectives, understanding and solutions for change. We create authentic situations and characters based on real-life experiences, enabling participants to reflect and share. Rather than being told what to do or how to think, your people have the opportunity to uncover creative solutions, empathise and learn from one another.

(Fear not, no roleplay required.)

Using theatre allows participants to see the world through another lens, by interacting with the characters to understand their perspective and learn about their experiences. 


We use drama to drive engagement in diversity, equity and inclusion for:


Leaders are often at the vanguard of implementing change through listening, understanding and earning trust. Different Duck creates opportunities for leaders to not only reflect on their role in engaging with DEI but to role model dialogue and action to the rest of their organisation with openness, vulnerability and courage.


Organisational Systems

Developing a culture of inclusion simply doesn’t work in a vacuum. Different Duck’s systemic work ensures conversations involve all parts of an organisation, reflecting the diversity and needs of your employees, consumers and wider stakeholders. Not only does this build a company culture of belonging but allows organisations to become an attractor of talent and a place where people want to stay and grow.


Teams and Groups

Innovating change around diversity, equity and inclusion can involve discomfort, complexity and confusion.  Different Duck works with businesses, teams and employee resource groups to drive inclusivity on far reaching issues with an approach that is accessible, thought provoking and imaginative.

Public Speaker
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